Hollywood Spa

Year: 1996
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: All Sex, Anal, Facial, Lesbian
Duration: 01:24:24

Starring: Asia Carrera, Emanuelle, Felecia, Jacklyn Lick, Jill Kelly, Papillon, Ruby, Serenity, Alex Sanders, Colt Steel, John Decker

Description: Stressed Out? Need a break? Well Serenity’s got the right idea. Sneak a peak at where Hollywood’s elite to escape the daily grind. How about a sensual all over body massage? The masseuse knows just where to rub, and she can always tell if your feeling stiff. Maybe an all girl lick feast in the Jacuzzi? Or, if you prefer something more physical…Maybe a standing sex match on the tennis courts! It’s all happening at The Hollywood Spa.

L’Amour de Laure

Year: 1996
Country: France
Language: Russian
Genre: Anal, Oral, Hardcore, Adult ,Fantasy
Duration: 01.21.40

Starring: Laure Sainclair, Anita Blond, Lana Cox, Vivienne, Regina, Erika Bella, Dina Pearl, Donisz, Kristina Swarcz, Jean-Yves Le Castel, Mike Foster, John Walton, Ferenc, Andy Youngman

Description: Laure Sainclair plays a modern Venus, Goddess of Love. She can appear and disappear at will, and she makes everyone around her hot and horny. Laure watches some of the time, and joins in the lovemaking much of the time.

Dinner Party 2: The Buffet

Year: 1996
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Feature, Anal, IR
Duration: 01:45:34

Starring: Lisa Ann, Kelly Trump, Stephanie Swift, Dina Jewel as Nanna, Tyler Sweet, Sophia Ferrari, Kimberly Kummings, Montana Gunn, Midori, Diamond, Cortknee, Hakan, Sean Michaels, Tom Byron, Mr. Marcus, Scott Styles, Mason Rivers as David Stone

Description: Guests gather at a luxurious mansion to discover it’s all you can eat, and more! Eleven full sex scenes with an orgy finale, plus an original soundtrack. This is a classic that is a feast for the eyes and the hands.

Scotty’s X-Rated Adventure

Year: 1996
Country: USA
Language: English / Spanish
Genre: Classic, Feature, Comedy
Duration: 01.26.07

Starring: Scott Schwartz, Juli Ashton, Michael J. Cox, Tricia Devereaux, Nick East, Montana Gunn, Veronica Hart, Rebecca Lord, Peter North, Ruby, Serenity, Vince Vouyer, Randy West

Description: It Could Happen’
Some guys have all the luck! Like Scott Schwartz, the infamous (ex) child star and prankster. Remember the kid that stuck his tongue to a frozen pole in ‘A Christmas Story’ or the spoiled brat who wanted a playmate in ‘The Toy’. You know the guy. Well, Scotty’s all grown up, and his new ‘playmate’ is none other than the lovely Juli Ashton. Who would want to be a child star, when you could be a full on porn superstud?! So don’t miss this outrageous adult comedy”Scotty’s X-Rated Adventure’

L’Obsession de Laure

Year: 1996
Country: France
Language: English / French / Russian
Genre: Feature, Anal, DP, Lesbian
Duration: 01:30:04


Starring: Anita Blond, Anita Dark, Laure Sainclair, Nadia Linden, Nikita Gross, Vicca, Andrew Youngman, Christoph Clark, Francesco Malcom, John Walton, Zoltan Kabai

Description: A Budapest, le Docteur CLARK, psychiatre de renom, est très apprécié par ses belles clientes à qui il prodigue des soins très particuliers pour assouvir leurs fantasmes. Sa femme ayant requis les services de Laure SAINCLAIR pour donner des cours de français à leur fils, celui-ci s’avère plus doué pour la bagatelle que pour les études. Très vite, la beauté de Laure fait des ravages et, bientôt, elle se prête aux jeux du sexe avec tous les “membres” de la famille (y compris la bonne), à l”exception du maître de la maison à qui, par fierté, elle se refuse. L’humiliation de ce dernier est portée à son comble lorsque, au cours d’une partouze animée, Laure choisit de l’ignorer et fait l’amour, devant lui, avec un autre homme. Ulcéré, le Docteur la congédie mais l’image de Laure ne cesse de hanter son esprit au point qu’elle devient, pour lui, une véritable obsession..

Time Machine

Year: 1996
Country: USA
Language: Russian / English
Genre: Feature, Straight, Adventure
Duration: 01:40:00

Starring: Serenity, Jonathan Morgan, Ruby, Alex Sanders, Mitchell Grant, Tatiana, Peter North, Sindee Coxx, Davia Ardell, Tracy Love

Description: Jonathan Morgan’s grandfather dies and leaves him a sizeable inheritance and a time machine. While doing the nasty, Morgan and Serenity accidentally activate the time machine sending them back to 1882 in the old west. The directions on how to operate the time machine gets left in the present and in an effort to get back to their own time, Morgan and Serenity end up galavanting through time.


Year: 1996
Country: Europe
Language: Russian / German / French / English
Genre: Feature
Duration: 01:33:14

Starring: Jessica Gabriel [LezOnly], Kelly Trump [Anal Facial DP], Jennifer Loca (as Laura Lee) [Facial], Nicolette, Olivia del Rio [Anal Facial], Ursula Moore [Facial], Valeria Johnson (as Vally) [Facial]
Actors:Backey Jakic, Boris Bianco, Eros Cristaldi, Hakan Serbes, Roberto Malone, Silvio Evangelista, Mephisto (as Steve Amber)

Description: It’s the year 43 AD. Claudius reignes the Roman Empire, with Messalina,his attractive wife as Empress at his side. Messalina is a nymphomaniac, sex-obsessed woman who mercilessly exploits the domination of her husband to satisfy her unsatibly lust. Actively supported by Agrippina, Messalina turns the Roman court into a squalor of vices and perversions.
One day, however, the emperor finds out whats going on behind his back.
His revenge is cruel!

Mata Hari

Year: 1996
Country: Italy
Language: Russian
Genre: Feature, European, Historical, Anal
Duration: 02:28:38

Starring: Kelly Trump, Rossana Doll, Maria de Sanchez as Maria Oliver, Monika Kiss as Camilla Krabbe, Cristina Valenti as Gina Lewis, Sheila Stanton as Carolyn O’Dell, Valentino, Roberto Malone, Herve Pierre Gustave, Olivier Sanchez

Description: Sex, intrigue, men in uniform, lusty women and the things they are willing to do to get their way! When a man in the military is court marshaled for a crime he didn’t commit; it’s up to his hot and horny lover to do whatever it takes to free him! But when she finds out how corrupt the commander can be; she becomes just as ruthless in her quest to cum and conquer! Watch as she sucks and fucks her way to her goal to beat this crooked commander at his own flesh games!
This is the true story of the most famous spy to ever love ’em and leave ’em. 007 can’t get the job done like Mata Hari! He’s on the trail of a woman capable of anything including: killing, betrayal, lies’and what story wouldn’t be complete without sexual satisfaction!? This spy is working over time, getting pussy galore and it’s all in the name (in this case) of getting the woman! Blowjobs, cunnilingus, anal penetrations and facial cum coatings are just some of the kinky tools employed by this raunchy cloak and dagger crew! A brilliant film that will keep you on the edge of your seat with the succession of scenes containing high erotic content.