Die Perverse Grafin / L’Aristocratica Perversa

Year: 1981
Country: Italy
Language: German
Genre: Classic
Duration: 01.16.47

Starring: Christine Black, Guia Lauri Filzi, Isabella Ivers, Marina Hedman, Sandy Samuel, Tanja, Andrea Cupelli, Giuseppe Curia, Erminio Fusani Bianchi, Emilio Gramignano, Bruno Romagnoli

Description: Metheus Film, Foto+Film

Marilyn Bizarre Begierden / Melodie Pour Manuella

Year: 1981
Country: France / Germany
Language: German / French
Genre: Classic
Duration: 01.59.41

Starring: Olinka Hardiman, Gabriel Pontello, Cathy Stewart, Catherine Ringer, John Oury, Marilyn Jess, Guy Berardant, Guilhem Causse, Mika Barthel, Marianne Aubert, Myriam Dolcemascollo, Andre Kay, Jacques Marbeuf, Anna Ordinis, Natalie Perrey

Description: Marilyn Bizarre Begierden / Melodie Pour Manuella


Year: 1981
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Classic
Duration: 01.27.06

Starring: Becky Savage, Crystal Dawn, Drea, Moriah, Samantha Fox, Sharon Mitchell, Tigr, Bobby Astyr, John Stagliano, Starbuck, Tommy LaRock

Description: A filthy spy farce that offers super production values and super sexy stars. Mixes laughs with the most graphic sex scenes of the year. Undercovers` uncovers a load of sexuality, with erotic spy capers at their hottest.

Wild Dallas Honey

Year: 1981
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Classic
Duration: 01.32.24

Starring: Timothy Clegg, Eric Edwards, Sharon Mitchell, James Patrick, William Stuart, Paul Thomas, Tigr, Anna Ventura, Brooke West, Randy West, Honey Wilder

Description: When ram-rodding rodeo star Randy West is released from prison, his fantasies are filled with an explosive Texas-sized homecoming celebration with his luscious lady Honey Wilder. But when this lusty longhorn finds out his Wild Dallas Honey has hitched her wagon to a wealthy businessman, sparks fly and the couple splits only to start an outrageous sexual saga

All About Annette

Year: 1981
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Classic
Duration: 01.13.09

Starring: Annette Haven, Bonnie Holiday, Drea, Heather Fields, Jade Wong, L. Lyon, Laura Lazare, Mai Lin, Monique Cardin, Pheary I. Burd, Sharon Thorpe, Susan Song-Li, Tigr, Al Goldstein, Jamie Gillis, Joey Silvera, John Leslie

Description: All About Annette

Wild Playgirls / Hotesses Tres Intimes / Parfums De Lingeries Intimes / Hard Penetrations

Year: 1981
Country: France, Germany
Language: German
Genre: All Sex, Classic
Duration: 01:24:45

Starring: Cathy Stewart plays a streetwalker, non-sex
Christine Black as Christine Weiss, plays the third client (the polarodi girl)
Christine Neona fourth client, possibly credited as Desiree Pompillon (or Pompilon)
Doris Champs-Dete plays the girl in the Mercedes
Dorle Buchner as D’sir’e Pompillon, plays Alban’s fianc’e, Nicole
Ingrid Barlon plays the last client, Denise
Laurence Boutin mis-credited as Laurent Bouttin (in Ribu version), plays the second client
Uschi Karnat as Uschi Kanart, plays the friend of the girl in the Mercedes
Richard Lemieuvre plays Christian
Alban Ceray plays Alban

Description: Cathy Stewart appears at the start and end as a streetwalker rejected by Christian.
Christian and Alban are in financial trouble. Rhey rent a house and set up as male prostitutes to earn some money. But first we see Alban with his wife (or girlfriend, Dorle Buchner), by far the best-looking female in the film, brunette, page boy, who could well be NK0408 on bgafd.
Once they have set up shop, the first client (XNK0439) is a brunette who seems to want to have sex while on the phone. Client 2 is another brunette (XNK0440) who wants to masturbate while Alban watches and masturbates as well. Client 3 is Christine Black with her hair pulled back. She wants to be photographed while having sex. Client 4 is a short haired and familiar blonde (XNK0441) with a small dog. She has sex with Christian beginning in the bath. Client 5 is Uschi Karnat who arrives with Client 1 for a foursome. Client 6 is a tall slim blonde (XNK0442) who wants anal and DPP.
Then Alban returns to his wife for another session and Christian spurns Cathy Stewart again in the street.

Verena In Wollust / Verena In Ekstase / Giselas Liebesabenteuer In Rom

Year: 1981
Country: Germany
Language: German
Genre: All Sex, Classic
Duration: 01:21:03

Starring: Christine Black as Christina Nero, plays Verena
Guia Lauri Filzi
Helga Nicolli plays Piera
Juditha Arlou as Judith Arlou, plays Beatrice
Marina Hedman as Marina Lotar
Tanja [11]
Andre Capelli
Paolo Gramignano
Fernando Arcangeli
J’rgen Bigalke, as J’rgen Alkebig, plays J’rgen
There are also various players credited with forenames only.

Description: With her divorced father bossing her around, and her boyfriend J’rgen cheating on her, Verena elopes to Rome to stay with her friend Piera. Piera’s brother Giovanni takes a keen interest in her, and soon the two try each other out, but a swinging party shows that he basically likes to shag anything that moves. When Verena’s father arrives in Rome to fetch his daughter, he is distracted by the French Au Pair Beatrice, who is no longer on Giovanni-duty. Back in Germany, one of Verena’s new Roman friends comes to visit (the gay arts teacher Nero). Verena shows him around, but when invited to a party he is horrified to find out that the event is simply a free-for-all orgy.

The Devil in Miss Jones Part II / The Devil in Miss Jones 2

Year: 1981
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Classic
Duration: 01.21.10

Starring: Georgina Spelvin, Jack Wrangler, Robert Kerman, Jacqueline Lorians, Joanna Storm, Anna Ventura, Michael Bruce, Samantha Fox, Bobby Astyr, Alan Adrian, Ron Jeremy, Dena Ferrara, Sharon Kane, Merle Michaels, Sharon Mitchell

Description: Justine Jones, in a continuation of The Devil in Miss Jones, Part 1 (1973), is frustrated in hell. She makes a sexual deal with the Devil himself to earn a return to earth as an immortal human. However, in earning her escape, Lucifer falls in love with her. He doesn’t want her to go but can’t admit it because he’s the Devil. The story gets underway as he tries to place her soul in nubile bodies on earth that are increasingly removed from opportunities for sex, in order to jealously deny her the one thing she craves. He finally tries the body of a nun, but this brings him into conflict with HIM, resulting in a humorous finale

Bouches A Plaisir Culs Pour Jouir / Les Petites Curieuses / Les Maitresses De Vacances / Il Profondo Sapore Dell’Amore

Year: 1981
Country: France
Language: French
Genre: All Sex, Classic
Duration: 01:15:01

Starring: Claire Lenoir plays Laurence
Josiane Bongura as?, plays Carmen, Laurence’s maid
Patricia as Patricia Benson, plays Patricia, a friend of Laurence
XNK0306 archive footage
XNK0307 archive footage
XNK0310 archive footage from La Kermesse du sexe
XNK0311 archive footage from La Kermesse du sexe
Andr’ Kay
Charlie Schreiner (archive footage)
Ghislain Garet
Sylvio Ray

Description: Claire Lenoir and a thin girl with short dark hair (Patricia) are peeping tomettes. They spy on people having sex in neighbouring apartment blocks using binoculars and masturbate or have lesbian sex while doing so. I suspect archive footage is used for the scenes they spy on – Charlie Schreiner is one of the men involved.
Two detectives, Andr’ Kay and Sylvio Ray, are sent by their boss (Ghislain Garet) to investigate. They got to Clair’s apartment. she isn’t there, but they find the maid (Josiane Beongura) having sex with a man and spy on her. Then they and the maid spy on the man having anal sex with another woman (face unseen). The two men then have sex with the maid.
Later all three detectives go to the apartment and try to have sex with Clair Lenoir, but her friend comes in with a gun. Then the two girls have their way with the men. They send the maid out and she returns dressed as a male Arab and the girls force the men to submit to being sucked off by ‘him’. Then they reveal the deception and the friend goes off into another room with the boss detective and has sex with him and the others have a foursome in which the maid gets a DP.

Center Spread Girls / Centerspread Girls

Year: 1981
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Classic
Duration: 01:28:54

Starring: Annette Haven, Arcadia Lake, Brooke West, Desiree Cousteau, Georgina Spelvin, Jacqueline Brooks, Jesie St. James, Lily Rodgers, Lisa De Leeuw, Tara Aire, Veronica Hart, Victoria Slick, Eric Edwards, Jon Martin, Michael Morrison, Mike Horner, Paul Thomas, R. Bolla, Scorpio, Frank Hollowell, Jean Clark, Robert McCallum

Description: When a committee of moral majority zealots try to blackmail the female editor/publisher of a national magazine, her Centerspread Girls cum to the rescue, bringing the action to a rousing and unforgettable climax!

Scene 1. Lisa De Leeuw, Mike Horner
Scene 2. Tara Aire, Jon Martin
Scene 3. Desiree Cousteau, Scorpio
Scene 4. Victoria Slick, Michael Morrison
Scene 5. Annette Haven, Eric Edwards
Scene 6. Arcadia Lake, Brooke West, Eric Edwards
Scene 7. Jesie St. James, Lisa De Leeuw, Tara Aire
Scene 8. Jacqueline Brooks, Lily Rodgers, Michael Morrison
Scene 9. Desiree Cousteau, Paul Thomas
Scene 10. Veronica Hart, R. Bolla
Scene 11. Georgina Spelvin, Michael Morrison, Paul Thomas