The Seka Story

Year: 1984
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Classic, Compilation
Duration: 01.18.43

Starring: Juliet Anderson, Lisa De Leeuw, Seka, Blair Harris, Jamie Gillis, John Holmes, Paul Thomas

Description: Fasten you searbelts for an arousing adventure! The Platinum Princess of Erotica is your gorgeous guide to the boldest, bawdiest, and the best of her sizzling career in The Seka Story. No one can do it like Seka- but when she’s teamed up with Aunt Peg and Jamie Gillis the results are outrageous! John Leslie demonstrates his hardpounding prowess on our luscious lass, wihe legendary John Holmes not one but three Seka encounters that send the Richter Scale relling.

Dial ‘F’ for Fantasy / Dial ‘F’ for Fantasy

Year: 1984
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Classic
Duration: 01.24.41

Starring: Janey Robbins, Pat Manning, Bunny Bleu, Tom Byron, Steve Drake, Angel West, Debra Lynn, Blake Palmer, Summer Rose, Shone Taylor, Marc Wallice, Randy West, William Margold, Gina Valentino

Description: Having perfected the power of masturbatory mind over meaty matter, video-datemates Annette and Marie give their many male customers much more than they bargained for. Whether they are providing an older man with two young playmates, giving a young boy a taste of older-woman lust, giving two buddies the chance to share a living doll, having a frustrated male seduced by a luscious lass in sexy lingerie, placing a daring young man at the end of a horny toreador’s lance, or subjecting a macho male to a painful lesson in humility, Annette and Marie never fail to rise to the occasion. And when the occasion calls for it, to virtually melt the screen in each other’s arms. ‘Dial ‘F’ For Fantasy’ is a virtual cornucopia of feverish fornication

Der Frauenarzt Vom Place Pigalle / Les Patientes Du Gynecologue / Medecin Pour Femmes Seul / Infirmieres Lubriques / Jeunes Filles En Chaleur A Sodomiser

Year: 1984
Country: Germany, France
Language: German
Genre: All Sex, Classic
Duration: 01:18:46

Starring: Anne Baudoin dungeon scene
Cathy Menard uncredited, plays a patient of Dr. Moreau
Cathy Stewart as Kathy Stewart, plays Karina
Charlotte Millet as Christine Morvan, dungeon scene
Christine Lodes
Elodie Delage as Veronique Delaisse
Lise Pinson plays the daughter of the Moreaus
Marianne Aubert plays Christian’s girlfriend
Mika Barthel
Sarah B
Sophie Guers uncredited, plays the maid to the Moreaus
Uschi Karnat plays Pauline Moureau
Richard Lemieuvre plays Richard Moureau
Dominique Irissou (Dominique Cale?) plays the daughter’s boyfriend
Guy Royer plays Christian
Dominique Aveline uncredited, plays Man at car
second man at car

Description: Dr. Moreau and Karina, his secretary and/or nurse, have sex in the surgery. Her screams attract the attention of two men in the street one of whom (Dominique Aveline) is working on his car. Dr. Moreau’s wife, Pauline, rings him up in the middle of this and Karina answers the phone. Pauline is in her undies and has a large dildo which she proceeds to use. Sex between Dr. Moreau and Karina proceed to facial.
We see the daughter of the Moreaus (Lise Pinson) with her boyfriend after tennis – no action. She kisses boyfriend goodbye at the door to her apartment building and her mother comes out and accepts the boyfriend’s offer of a lift. Frustrated at the lack of action from the daughter, the boyfriend tries to get off with his girlfirend’s mother.
Pauline arrives at clinic and has lesbian sex with Karina. Meanwhile Dr. Moreau is getting a blowjob from a patient (Cathy Menard) in his office. Then she rides him (reverse cowgirl).
Later, Dr, Moreau arrives home to find his wife and the maid in the kitchen. Their daughter arrives and joins her parents at the dinner table. They have a slight tiff and the daughter leaves.
She goes to her boyfriend’s place and finds him getting a blowjob from another girl (Mika Barthel). Upset, she meets a male friend, Christian, in street and confides her troubles to him.
The Moreaus have sex at dinner table and the maid (XNK0359) listens while drying the dishes and fondles her tits.
Christian takes the daughter off to his flat where he educates her by having sex with his girlfriend (Marianne Aubert) while the daughter watches.
Dr. Moreau ahs it away with Karina again only this time it is the daughter who rings up mid bj.
Pauline visits her daughter’s boyfriend and has sex with him.
A mature brunette patient (XNK0360) forces herself on Dr. Moreau.
Pauline finds out about her daughters troubles and she and her daughter go off to the boyfriend’s for a practical lesson (or is it to teach him a lesson). They get him to strip and have a threesome.
A brunette patient (XNK0357) visits Dr. Moreau, kidnaps him and takes him to a cellar where three other women wait. Two of them are masked, but the masks soon come off. One is blonde (Veronique Delaisse) and the other a very ugly brunette (XNK0356). They have their way with him.

Young Girls Do

Year: 1984
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: All Sex, Classic
Duration: 01:16:22


Starring: Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Shanna McCullough, Valerie LeVeau
Scene 2. Lili Marlene, Shanna McCullough
Scene 3. Shanna McCullough, Jon Martin
Scene 4. Shanna McCullough, Paul Thomas
Scene 5. Erica Boyer, Jacqueline Lorians
Scene 6. Erica Boyer, Billy Dee
Scene 7. asian girl, Shanna McCullough, Blair Harris, Don Fernando, Gary Eberhart, Herschel Savage, Rocky Balboa

Description: Erica Boyer was one of the biggest names in mid 80s erotic cinema. But where did she come from and how did she find her way to becoming a big screen sex superstar?
YOUNG GIRLS DO tells the intimate and revealing true story of Erica’s life and her journey as we follow her sensual transformation from a prudish prim and proper college girl into an insatiable and lusty woman, in control of her sexual destiny, until her final breakthrough as a big screen sensation

Little Showoffs / Definitely X

Year: 1984
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Classic
Duration: 01:20:22


Starring: Cindy Carver … Cindy (segment “Music Master”)
Rene Lovins … Rene (segment “Music Master”)
Jeff Lyle … Paul (segment “Music Master”) (as Paul Whitecock)
Lili Marlene … Girl with Biker (segment “Pick Up”)
Mark Monroe … Biker with Girl (segment “Pick Up”)
Peter Sheppard … Pharaoh’s Son (segment “Little Egypt”)
Karen Sweet … Pharaoh’s Daughter (segment “Little Egypt”) (as Montra Stark)
Liza Windsor … Girl in Convent (segment “Communion”)
David Habib … Guy with Convent Girl (segment “Communion”)
Betsy Boudoir … Girl with Lecturer (segment “Museum Piece”)
Hank Heathcliff … Lecturer (segment “Museum Piece”)
Patti Perrier … Patti Taylor (segment “Teacher’s Pet”)
Steve Milestone … Teacher’s Pet (segment “Teacher’s Pet”)
Curt McDowell … Himself – Interviewer (as Roger Halcyon)


Great Sexpectations

Year: 1984
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Classic
Duration: 01.24.59


Starring: Kelly Nichols … Marilyn Camp
Eric Edwards … Harry Crocker
Honey Wilder … Mrs. Charger
Chelsea Blake … Mrs. Exeter
Robert Kerman … Louis Charger (as R. Bolla)
Joanna Storm … Yvonne Rose
Renee Summers … (as Rene Summers)
Tanya Lawson … Frances
George Payne
Jerry Butler … Young Stud
Dick Howard
Silver Star
John Leslie … Himself

Description: Sequel to the award-winning Sexcapades. An all-star cast is featured in this tale of an X-rated director with his hands full of beautiful and ambitious women. A proud recipient of Hustler’s Highest Rating.

Ingrid, Putain De Hambourg

Year: 1984
Country: Europe
Genre: Classic
Duration: 54mn 35s


Starring: Scene 1. Elena Munoz, Juan
Scene 2. Olinka, Juan
Scene 3. Elena Munoz, Unknown Female 308547, Juan
Scene 4. Olinka, Piotr Stanislas
Scene 5. Nathalie Ivozevitch, Eric Dray
Scene 6. Olinka, faceless guy
Scene 7. Carole Pierac, Eva Kleber, Piotr Stanislas


I Never Say No

Year: 1984
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Classic
Duration: 1h 13mn


Starring: Scene 1. Desiree Lane, Lynn Ray
Scene 2. Renee Summers, Marc Wallice, Paul Thomas
Scene 3. Desiree Lane, Lisa Lake, Lynn Ray
Scene 4. Karen Summer, Paul Thomas, Tom Byron
Scene 5. Desiree Lane, Karen Summer, Tom Byron
Scene 6. Athena Star, Greg Derek
Scene 7. Athena Star, Desiree Lane, Lynn Ray, Greg Derek, Paul Thomas