1971 DVD


Lasse Braun Collection Eighteen Loops

Year: 1971 – 1977
Country: USA
Language: English / French
Genre: Feature , Classic Anal DP
Duration: 02:17:19

Cast: Unknown

Description: This is the final disc of the Lasse Braun 3-Disc Collection released by Alpha France in June 2008. Disc three includes 18 loops plus original menus. Between the loops only the sound of an old movie projector slowly unspooling film is heard. There is a brief introduction that is a clip from the loop "Rubber" along with a copyright warning. In the main menu, choose "Vision Integrale" to see all the loops, choose "Choix parmi les 18 loops" to get the chapter menus. Most, if not all, of these loops have been edited/shortened from their original versions. These are transferred from old films and the picture quality is not up to Alpha France’s usual high standards. Lasse Braun’s personal film archives were destroyed in a flood in Amsterdam many years ago, and so in most cases, the only surviving prints come from collectors, who often did not store them in the best of conditions. But the versions on this Alpha France collection are better than many other sources I have seen. A notable exception is the final set of loops from the London 1977 series.
Lasse Braun was a true pioneer — some have even called him a "founding father" of modern porn. Back in the 60s, when most porn was black and white, and produced with low budget equipment and poor technique, LB brought color film and higher production standards to his filmmmaking. He also had a knack for capturing eroticism on film that few others have even come close to. These early loops are not only historic, they also have an erotic appeal lacking from most hardcore films of their era.

01. 29. LB330 The Call Girl – SERIES "PROSTITUTION" – Copenhagen, 1971.
02. 31. LB332 A Matter of Desire – SERIES "DISCOVERING ORGASM" – Copenhagen, 1972.
03. 32. LB331 Provocation – SERIES "DISCOVERING ORGASM" – Copenhagen, 1972.
04. 37. LB334 Chains – aka The Countess. – SERIES "BONDAGE" – AKA DEPRAVED. – Breda, 1972.
05. 38. LB336 Rubber – aka The Maniac. – SERIES "BONDAGE" – AKA DEPRAVED. – Breda, 1972.
06. 41. LB344 Double Pleasure – SERIES "DEEP ARSE" – Breda, 1973.
07. 42. LB345 Close-Up – SERIES "DEEP ARSE" – Breda, 1973.
08. 45. LB339 Bois de Boulogne – SERIES "PARISIANA" – Paris, 1973.
09. 51. LB358 Boobs Voyeur – SERIES "BIG TITS" – Breda, 1974.
10. 52. LB349 Piss & Orgasm – SERIES "WET SEX" – Breda, 1974.
11. 55. LB355 Getting Off – SERIES "SEXUAL FANTASIES" – Breda, 1975.
12. 61. LB362 Total Satisfaction – SERIES "VIP" – Breda, 1975.
13. 68. Ice Cream – SERIES "BREDA 1976"
14. 76. Country Life – SERIES "LONDON 1977"
15. 75. Jealousy – SERIES "LONDON 1977"
16. 73. Locked Out – SERIES "LONDON 1977"
17. 70. Lotus Flower – SERIES "LONDON 1977"
18. 74. English Schoolgirl – SERIES "LONDON 1977"

Video quality: DVD9
Video Format: DVD Video
Video codec: MPEG2
Audio codec: AC3
Video: MPEG2 4:3 720×576 25.000fps 7353 kbps
Audio: AC3 48000Hz 2ch 192Kbps
Size: 7.05 GB + 3% Recovery Record

Bizarre Art Theatre DVD1-3

Year: 1971 – 1976
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Adult
Duration: 740 mins

Cast: Vanessa del Rio, Andrea True, Helen Madigan, Joey Silvera, Judy Angel

Description: Vinegar Syndrome mines the obscure depths of the Bizarre Art Theater for this second volume in their popular and nicely rendered Storefront Theater Collection.
Fans may remember some of these films from their DVD-R days via the fine folks at Something Weird, but Vinegar Syndrome has, predictably, gone above and beyond collecting an astonishingly rare and disturbing collection of films from the early and experimental days of adult film. If there’s a common theme running through most of the titles in this collection, it’s the inclusion of horror and occult themes, not to mention a hefty dose of perverse behavior.

Video quality: 3x DVD9
Video Format: DVD Video
Video codec: MPEG2
Audio codec: AC3
Video: MPEG2 4:3 720×480 23.976fps 4797 kbps
Audio: AC3 48000Hz 2ch 96Kbps
Size: 23.11 GB + 3% Recovery Record

Bizarre Art Theatre – Vinegar Syndrome / Storefront Theatre: Collection Volume 2

1. The Geek
2. Hotter Than Hell
3. House of de Sade
4. Cult of the Scorpion
5. Dr. Sexual and Mister Rites of Uranus
6. Waltz of the Bat Come Deadly
7. Mania
8. Daughters of Darkness
9. The Unhol

Year: 1971
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Feature & Classic
Duration: 12:20:00

Cast: Vanessa del Rio, Andrea True, Helen Madigan, Joey Silvera, Judy Angel Jane Fondler Elizabeth Tail Raquel Belch

Description: Vinegar Syndrome presents the second release in its ‘Storefront Theatre Collection’, which celebrates both the strange and often homegrown productions that played in ‘mini-theatres’ of the 70’s. This special-edition 3-disc set is uniquely packaged in 100% recycled card stock and features a heavy-duty slipcase.
Sex-starved slashers! Seductive stranglers! Debauched devil worshipers! All could be found in the storefront cinema of the 70’s.
In this second volume of The Storefront Theatre Collection, we journey to Pittsburgh to spend an eerie night at the Bizarre Art Theatre, for 12 of the weirdest, wildest and most unsettling films ever unspooled through a 16mm projector.
Witness a sex-crazed scientist unleash his pent up desires in DR. SEXUAL AND MR. HYDE! See Satan send his sons to earth to collect beautiful women for devilish orgies in HOTTER THAN HELL! Stare in terror as a masked killer murders nubile starlets in COME DEADLY! Explore the agony of the shocking sex rituals performed by the RITES OF URANUS! Shiver in fear as a group of unsuspecting friends enter the HOUSE OF DE SADE! Gasp in suspense as a knife-wielding killer preys on an all girls boarding school MANIA!
These films, plus 6 more tales of ghosts, goblins, fiendish killers, and even Bigfoot, are all here to scare your pants off, and plunge you into a cinematic bacchanal straight from hell!

Video quality: DVD9 x 3
Video Format: DVD Video
Video codec: MPEG2
Audio codec: AC3
Video: MPEG2 720×480 16/9 29.970fps 4000 kbps
Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo 192kbps
Size: 23.11 GB + 3% Recovery Record

Grindhouse Hostage Collection

1. Play Only With Me
2. Virgin Hostage
3. Blue Ballon

Year: 1971
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Feature, Classic, Plot Based
Duration: 03:00:00

Cast: Desiree West, Diane Glenke, Joey Silvera, John Seeman,Suzanne Fields,Lisbeth Olsen, Bent Rohweder, Sune Pilgaard

Description: 1. Play Only With Me: In Play Only with Me, we revisit the tried and true theme of the psycho bitch who attempts to ruin a guy’s life after a casual one-night stand. Most of you newbies know this gimmick from the yuppie angst classic Fatal Attraction, but the present flick is a hardcore homage to the 1971 shocker Play Misty for Me.

2. Virgin Hostage: Toting a couple of guns and a paper sack full of money, three bank robbers search for a hideout. Cut to the interior of the girl’s apartment: the gangsters rush in brandishing their rods.

3. Blue Ballon: A bleak tale of a girl’s nightmarish decent into a life of degradation and prostitution. A Danish production of the early 1970s, the film clearly illustrates that Europeans are in no way more "civilized" than garbage-minded Americans. While European soft-core has a reputation for high-gloss and soft-focus, The Blue Balloon proves that Euro-XXX can be as grimy and hard-hitting as our own backstreet variety.

Video quality: DVD5 x 2
Video Format: DVD Video
Video codec: MPEG2
Audio codec: AC3
Video: MPEG2 720×480 16/9 29.970fps 5876 kbps
Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo 192kbps
Size: 7.25 GB + 3% Recovery Record